Thursday, July 24, 2014

Visit to Victoria Landing Retirement Home

Saturday July 19, another warm day in July. CLR members lead by our President Bruce converged at Victoria Landing. Victoria Landing has 148 small apartments with centralized dinning and central home care for retirement living for seniors. Yours truly drives the shuttle bus there several days each month, so I am familiar with a good number of residents there.

 Looks like they had a special events just before we arrived that had all the residents wearing some type of hat. So we just got with the program and joined in. Bruce did wear a hat for a while but gave it up when we started the program.

We did not do an official count, but I think there were about thirty that joined us for our little sing song and message.     As you can see Josh just completed giving me instructions on doing a "Selfie" So here it is for the first time. The picture below is one of the residents,  Mrs Cousens celebrated her 90th birthday recently and came out for a special photo op on Bruce's bike.

Friday, July 18, 2014

No Borders 2014

CMA's 2014 No Borders Rally was held July 9th to 12th in International Falls, MN. 11 members of CLR were able to attend the Rally.  During those 4 days we were ministered to by great Worship and Messages, the Holy Spirit was definitely present throughout the rally.  The Minnesota CMA Worship Team lead us at the start of each session followed by a challenging word from God shared to us by leaders from both Canada and the US.  It was a great time to renew friendships, make new friends, and to be able to strengthen relationships with fellow CLR members.  Throughout the rally we were able to see how God looks after us and knows the plans he has for us.
Praise God for His Love and protection.  We now look forward to the next No Borders Rally which will be held in Canada in 2016.
Here are some of the CLR members at the Saturday morning event.
Some other pictures are available in the library of pictures. Thanks to Grace and Hank for taking them and forwarding them.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

CLR Visit to Fairview Personal Care Home July 2014

As the raging Assiniboine River roars through the City, CLR was at Fairview praising the Lord with our songs and ministry.
20 plus seniors blessed us by joining with us in our praise. President Bruce led the CLR team in a period of song and praise followed with a short message on the Love of our Lord for his children.

After that we went out to the bikes and had a time of socializing with those that were able to come out, Finally it was off to Tastees for some ice cream. Considering the day was very humid and about 30 degrees wonderful bike day.

Monday, June 30, 2014

Bondslave Rally in Stonewall June 28, 2014

The annual Canada Day weekend was held under threatening skies. Our attendance was whittled down to two CLR members and our area Coordinator James. Saturday morning was very foggy but rain was not expected for a  few hours, so it was a very enjoyable ride to Portage to meet with President Bruce, James and Helene.
On to Stonewall after our fill of coffee and goodies from Timmies, After dozens of "hello, how are you" things settled down to getting a burger and a drink. Soon the races would start up and that is always an entertaining time.
Little did we know that we were crashing another motorcycle wedding! Yes the Bondslaves do get hitched. This one was going to be a big one as there were many family members that would be coming for the wedding and not the rally.
Now the races, yes all kinds of bikes, even some full dressers, a little dirt bike and a wild go cart.
What followed was the tire burn out, man this is hard on the bike motor and tranny, but deadly for the tire. All for a $300 prize. Just covers the tire replacement.
After all this the bride seemed to be 30 min late, (normal) wedding went off really well Pastor Gavin doing the nuptials. Had a great message for the new couple and also a reminder of the process of getting married that the vows we make to each other are really vows to our Lord Jesus.
Anticipating the pork BBQ we set our sights on departing at 6:00pm, however the wedding took priority and dinner was delayed  so we packed up and left for Brandon. The ride back was marred by a few showers but got back before the monster winds and rain came that lasted all night. Praise the Lord for looking after his children.

Things that matter , or not! June 21, 2014

This is a slightly different post along with it's content. Attending different functions are part of the Ministry of CMA and CLR. Sometimes it' just for the  fun with friends and associates, kind of relationship investments. So here we go.
June 21, CLR members scooted to Wawanesa MB, to attend a wedding of one of our members. This was to be a motorcycle included event. The bride was given a motorcycle ride right to the alter that was a small arbor on the side yard of her rural home.
The day was sunny and mild with a nice breeze rolling through the freshly cut lawn, keeping the mosquitoes down. After the nuptials, the bride was taken away by her new husband on the motorcycle. The final event was the tossing of the bouquet that was caught by yous truly, however since I was already taken I tossed it to our single President Bruce, thus the evidence in this picture
What followed a time of picture taking, a great BBQ dinner then back to Brandon.

Say "yes" Helen

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Roll With Us" Yorkton Faith Ministries outreach

After taking a one year hiatus and changing the name of the event from "Spoke and Smoke" to "Roll With Us", Pastor's Kevin and Pat Bundus of Yorkton Faith Ministries opened the doors of their church for a day of honoring bikers. Kevin and Pat are my cousins but our connection goes much deeper in that they are the ones who prayed me into the Kingdom of God. Thus my heart is to honor them in any way I can and one way is by supporting their Father's Day outreach event by riding out to Yorkton and sharing the Word of God with their assembly. 

Similar to two years ago, our journey to Yorkton SK was cold and wet and we encountered some rain however it was minimal compared to the storm we rode though in 2012. What really touched my heart was the commitment demonstrated by Vice President Grace Loewen, Road Captain Hank Loewen, and Jim and Jean Stremel to accompany me on this journey. It's one thing to ride almost 700 kms on a day that is warm and sunny but to do so on a wet, cold, rainy day is nothing short of honoring. It was also Father's Day! This level of commitment provided me with an example to share with the Yorkton congregation of men and women who honor each other and in doing so honor the Lord. When we honor each other, we honor God and He in turn honors and blesses us. Indeed we were honored and received a "rolling out of the red carpet" from Kevin and Pat and their precious assembly of Believers. We were treated to a wonderful worship set by their youth praise and worship team and then I was given the freedom to share an hour long message on growing in intimacy with God. Afterwards we were treated to an amazing BBQ meal and a great time of fellowship. Remember the honor part I wrote about? Well Pastor's Kevin and Pat honored all of us in one more amazing way; they paid all of our fuel costs to attend this event through a generous donation to our Chapter. The Lord truly honors those who honor Him by doing His good works in the earth. Personally I can't think of anything more special to my heart then preaching at the church where for me my new life in Christ began back in 2007. As I shared with the congregation, it always feels like a homecoming to me when I attend Yorkton Faith Ministries. 

Speaking of honor, a big thank you to all the members of CLR who were unable to attend this event but prayed for us and this event. You are a blessing too and we can not measure the value of your prayers since they may have prevented a break down, or a collision, or a sickness, or a cancellation of this event, or a terrible storm. Praise the Lord that we will never know for the Lord brought all things together on this day for His glory. 

The big man next to me in the photo is Pastor Kevin Bundus who also rides a motorcycle. Check out the sign hanging from the pulpit. The group shot was taken just before our departure and includes our Yorkton biker friend Wally on our far left. 

Visit to Riverheights Terrace June 21, 2014

After several days of severe rains, the skies cleared for your servants to do the visiting in Your name.  Riverheights Terrace is a seniors retirement home on the west end of Brandon. It it provides residential  accommodation to seniors in the Westman area.

CLR visited with a 30 minute sing song with some of the older hymns followed by a small message from the heart of President Bruce. There were about 30 residents attending in the open rotunda. One of the residents asked for prayer and it was done as part of our closing prayer.I passed out 8 small book of John to the same number of residents. Ice cream was presented by the all that attended in the activity room following the presentation.

One of the residents was showing me the front page of the Journal, a weekly paper in Westman, he was pointing out the news item about the Defender Motorcycle Club's ride. I mentioned that we were not part of that group. He said "I know,  your the opposite to the HA, and I am pleased that you are" Bless that man Lord for his insight.