Thursday, September 19, 2013

Brandon Correctional Center visit Sept 14, 2013

My deepest thanks to all who ministered today at the Brandon Correctional
Center. Although our numbers were small (only seven), to use Vice President
Grace's words, we were small in number but great in Spirit. 

The Lord began answering those prayers today when He chose to water Brandon
in the morning and brought the sun forth just as we pulled up to the prison
gates at 12:30 PM. 

So today we ministered to three large groups during the afternoon. A
message on "hope" was shared, followed by a time of fellowship and prayer
with the inmates. During our personal time with them, we all experienced
that they were openly approaching us. The man I led to the Lord began
weeping within minutes of me speaking to him and the Holy Spirit directed
the rest.

Grace shared an amazing story with me. Each message I gave would vary and
in the first one in trying to get them to realize that God loves them and
will forgive them of all their sins, I spoke that there is no one in Hell
today because they committed murder or any other crime. A female inmate
who is there for Manslaughter, approached Grace asking her what I was
talking about. Grace spent time with her and shared the Good News and then
led this woman to the Lord!! Praise God.

 God deserves all the honor and glory not man. We receive the
blessings when we minister for Him; He receives the glory. The greatest
blessing I had this afternoon was to look over at one point and see that
Helen Rankin and Helen Allen had formed a prayer circle with 6 of the
female inmates and were leading them in prayer. I have never seen that
before in the 5 years I've been involved.

The numbers; well before I get to that I will say that I have never seen so
many inmates wearing crosses and in speaking to ones who were not and
finding out they too were Believers.  We do our part twice a year
and the inmates remember us and thank us but other groups are coming in
faithfully every week and ministering to small groups. This is changing the
spiritual atmosphere and impacting lives for Jesus Christ. CLR comes in and
are blessed to minister to larger groups because of the enticement of the
motorcycles but the harvest we see is because of all the efforts of all the
groups coming in and sharing the love of Jesus Christ. 

The number ah yes; over 122 inmates heard a message on hope and salvation;
34 received hands on prayer; 4 recommitted their life to Christ; 2 gave
their heart to Jesus for the first time.

Bruce Ewanyshyn
President - Christian Light Riders

Thursday, September 12, 2013

The 18th Annual Alzheimer Society Motorcycle Derby

This event  was held in Brandon on August 17th, 2013. With the help of over 30 volunteers, in total this event raised just over $12,000 and we had 102 riders come out to the event.
 One of the main reasons this event is so well organized is because of the Christian Light Riders. They have been helping out at this event since 1999. They play a major role in the day’s event. One of the group’s members is even here at 6:30 in the morning to start setting up the tents, now that’s dedication!

 The group cooks and takes care of both meals, breakfast and the BBQ following the ride. As well, the group designs and puts on all the motorcycle games played. Without the help of this organization, this event would not be as strong as it is today. I thank them all for the dedication they have given us, you all are truly wonderful people and I hope your involvement continues in the future.

 Thank you so much for all you guys and girls do for us, we appreciate it so much!!

( Contribution for this post was obtained from Marni Loewen)

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Hobb's Manor CLR Visit

Well here we are again with the last of many visits to various seniors homes in Brandon. This completes the vision and objective that President had for the Chapter this summer.
Hobb's Manor is a home for seniors that are still able to function for themselves. They have housekeeping facilities and do their own cooking. More of a seniors resident than a PCH that we had previously visited.

Again we were a bit short of member attendees, Hellen,  Grace and Bruce once again led the charge. Gene, Leo and Hubert were the supporting cast. There was about 30 folks from the home that joined us in our praise and worship segment. Again, Bruce shared the message with the group. Grace and Leo knew a few residents, Hanks dad lives here.
After the presentation, the bikes were wheeled up to the entrance and a few pictures taken of the residents.
Some of the residents that came out had family members that owned and rode motorcycles in their younger days.

So none of us are riding off into the sunset just yet, but we have accomplished the task that was laid out for us and the Chapter thanks the leadership that President Bruce demonstrated and raised the bar to being involved with community. Thanks to all.

Monday, August 26, 2013

CLR members at Morden Corn and Apple Festival

Sunday morning 8:00am, departing from the Canadian Tire parking, 8 motorcycles heading for Morden. This trek has been a constant for CLR for a long time. The morning was warm and hazy as we departed. As we drove, I found it amazing as to how far the farmers have gotten with the harvest. Not many fields left with serial crops. Not many out this morning, waiting for the sun to burn off the dew I expext.
The ride was wonderful, the sun was being blocked by the haze and the winds were just not there. 10:00 and our arrival in Morden. I headed right for the service that was being held in one of the on street theaters. It was starting to get HOT. I manged to sit there and participate until about 11:50. I was being baked, and Hubert was already baked. For the last 10 min  we had to take shelter from the sun under the large speakers.
After the service the goal was to get a bite to eat and walk around to the vendors and wait for the corn to get cooked. I refueled the bike and headed over to the park to meet the rest of the CMA members and to do some tire kicking on bikes and cars. So many cars, but here is the car that caught my eye.

A 19 15 Ford T. It was immaculate and was getting a lot of attention so here are a few pictures. The Model T had a front-mounted 177-cubic-inch (2.9 L)inline four-cylinder engine, producing 20 hp (15 kW), for a top speed of 40–45 mph (64–72 km/h). According to Ford Motor Company, the Model T had fuel economy on the order of 13–21 mpg-US (16–25 mpg-imp; 18–11 L/100 km).[13] The engine was capable of running on gasoline, kerosene, or ethanol,[14][15] although the decreasing cost of gasoline and the later introduction of Prohibition made ethanol an impractical fuel for most users.

The CMA mantra is :One Heart at a Time"  Sure looks like Hubert is doing this to this dog. It was so hot that owner came over to the CMA tent for some free water. The CMA tent was in a great spot. Folks were stopping by and getting some free water. Line ups were short but still there.

After a bit, the water ran out. This is when James took off to get some more water and ice. On his return the rush for water was still there. Well done James and well done to all that took turns to pass out the water and bless those around us "One Heart at a Time"
CLR headed back to Brandon to attend God in the Park. What a wonderful day the Lord provided.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

CLR Visit to Hillcrest Personal Care Home

Today we are a little short on numbers but the enthusiasm of the residents made that a non issue for us. . Bruce, Helen R, Ingrid, Hubert and yours truly, with only the two motorcycles made the day.

As usual, a short time of praise and worship followed up with a brief message on the topic of Heaven was given by Bruce.  There were about 30 residents and about 6 staff a certain times attended. After the mesage we went outside a had some pictures taken with the residents. One lady said that she was a biker babe in her time. Another said that she  was a "chopper" lover in her day.... funny for sure.
The lady with the flowing white hair seem to like to tug at beards, Hubert was the first then Bruce. Perhaps I should grow a beard just to compete. Ken M would have been a  good candidate for her:)>

The rain held off and the lady with the flowing white hair stayed until I pulled away, she wanted to see me away. Thank you Jesus for this time of ministry.

Friday, July 19, 2013

CLR Visit to Fairview Personal Care Home

Sat. July 13th, several members of our CMA chapter visited at Fairview Personal Care Home. This was another location that our President, Bruce had on his list of to-does this year. Others are pending.

The program was supported by the Activities Director at the home. We had about one hour of singing and playing with our capable songsters and meeting some of the residents that attended. Following that time of fellowship we escorted those that were willing and able to come outside and look at the bikes. A few of them had their pictures taken on or near the bikes. Those that did come outside enjoyed the beautiful day that the Lord gave us.

 In this picture representing CLR are helen, Josh and Bruce.

Below is Hubert and his guest. This person had a realy special forward looking wheel chair. He was very interested in the motorcycles.

 This lady was thrilled to sit on Bruce's Bike aided by Josh. She was all smiles. Good for her we made her day.

Below is the group that represented CLR for all.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

God In The Park

Sunday June 23/2013
The whole event was a total blessing considering the down pour that preceded it. Of course a little rain and mud was not going to stop things from happening. Sure enough the sun did come out and shine down on us. With only very few drops of rain the presence of God came out in a big way.
Bruce led an amazing worship and spoke about how amazing God’s love is for us. In the end no matter what we do no one can never separate us from His perfect love.
With Bruce’s testimony Hank, Cindy and Judy followed with their own testimony how people were used to bring them to God. By no means where their paths straight, perfect or narrow! In fact it was very far from that. In the end by showing our own true colors our own light got to shine through and further encourage others.
Indeed that happened too a few people in the park. As the worship was happening and the testimonies were being shared the love of God reached out through fellow Light Riders, and people had gotten spiritual needs met and prayed for.