Saturday, May 16, 2015

2015 CLR ministry kicks off with a visit to Dinsdale PCH

On May 9th, members of CLR rode to Dinsdale PCH to begin the 2015 Senior Home Ministry visits. What a blessing to enter a facility and see a painting of our Lord Jesus Christ on the wall of the activity room where we would minister. The Dinsdale Staff on hand were amazing and tended to all our requests and busied themselves with set up and escorting Residents to the gathering. CLR Vice President Helen Janzen had prepared song books for 2015 so that Residents could join the CLR Worship Group not only in spirit but in voice as well. President Bruce led the assembly in worship accompanied by the CLR Singers with the   Residents doing their part as back up singers.
A message entitled "So you want to go back to Egypt" was shared by President Bruce referencing Numbers 14 as the main text. The message for 2015 is one of a loving challenge to Seniors to engage the 3C's - their Calling, Commitment, and Courage, all of which come from the Lord and flow through the Holy Spirit. The message also included a short story from Dr. Seuss which had all the Residents smiling and laughing.
Although it was too chilly to venture outside, the Residents enjoyed viewing our motorcycles through the large windows in the activity room. This made for another hour of fellowship and sharing the company of the beautiful men and women who make Dinsdale PCH their home. Thanks again to the Staff and the Residents for making this a memorable experience for the Christian Light Riders.
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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Christmas Party 2014

On Saturday November 29, CLR hosted it's annual Christmas party. Just over 50 souls sat down for a wonderful pot luck dinner that featured many blessings  in the form of food for our enjoyment. Turkey, ham, meat balls, perogies, vegetables, salads of all kinds, wings and more. Then the desert table featured pumpkin and lemon pie from Helen Rankin, always a favorite of mine.

President Bruce and the CLR singers entertained with a few Christmas songs. Vice Pres. Grace demonstrated her skills with a very informative Power Point presentation on activities that CLR completed. Some very good pictures of individuals in "action". Helen challenged the group with some games. There was a bit of hot air expended in one of the games.
Presentations were made to Helen and Gene Rankin on their retirement from being Area Representatives. After a good run at this executive position and with continuing medical issues they determined that it was time to pass on the torch to others. Grace and Hank Loewen have stepped in  to fill this position as the Area Representative.

As usual, we introduce the CLR executives for 2015. After a hard fought election the 2015 Executives are presented in the picture below.
Left to right, Treasurer Josh, Road Captain Ken, Secretary Ingrid, Chaplin Hubert, Vice President Helen, President Bruce.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Brandon Correctional Center Visit Sept 2014


Time after time the Lord shows He is faithful answering the prayers of the saints and today was no exception as He kept the rain from falling on the Brandon Correctional Center courtyard thus blessing us with a wonderful environment to share His love.
Our ministry group was the smallest I've led since taking on this leadership role in 2008, only 8, but the Lord showed up in strength and power by His Spirit. He had put on my heart to preach a message on "God's Love". Three 20 minute messages were shared with over 100 inmates, followed by 20 minutes with inmates from each group for one on one prayer and fellowship. There were many in each group who had been there for our Spring visit and had already given their heart to the Lord. So we were able to do some followup with them and encourage them and share another message with them.
Today, there were 4 men and 1 woman who gave their heart to Jesus. There was also one re-commitment, and 15 others who received personal prayer. Being part of co-laboring with the Holy Spirit to lead men to the Lord is usually the highlight of my day. Although I loved this, my greatest blessing came from something I wasn't even aware of until our Vice President Grace Loewen shared it with me after the first inmate group departed. She told me that after the preaching was done, one of the ladies moved quickly with earnest to her saying she wanted the Jesus that had been talked about. She gave her heart to the Lord without reservation. Her name is Pam. I never met her or spoke to her but my blessing lies in the fact that I know this was the Holy Spirit wooing her into the Kingdom of God. The men the Lord highlighted to me were Matthew, Corey, Jordan, and Travis. Please lift these babes in Christ up so they may become mighty warriors for God.
Many Bibles were handed out as well as other God filled materials. Thank you Jerry for the supply of CMA Bibles which lasted through two seasons and only now has been depleted. You through the CMA Prison Ministry have blessed our chapter for two years in a row!
Although I didn't pray specifically for physical healing's, one inmate jogged up to me as they were being called to leave and thanked me for the message which he said brought physical strength to his body. A demonstration of the power of God through His spoken word and open hearts.
A final highlight for me was regarding two hard core inmates. One is named ***. I've been dealing with *** since I began my policing career 24 years ago. I have physically fought with him on more than one occasion while effecting an arrest. When he is drunk he can be verbally abusive and physically violent. He is of a large stature and has intimated many in the past. So today I saw him standing with another hard core offender I've dealt with several times. Both had stayed to hear my message which was a miracle in itself and then were hanging out near our motorcycles when it was over. I went over and talked with them. *** looked shocked that I wanted to speak with him and his friend told me at first he couldn't place me but after a while he recognized me. I showed them Jesus love and respect as we spoke. *** was a little hesitant at first to receive prayer but he did and let me lay hands on him. Next I prayed for his friend. When I was done he looked at me and with true sincerity in his voice and in his eyes and a smile on his face, he thanked me for the prayer and reciprocated a hug with me. Now there is an example of God's love working in our hearts; mine and theirs. It was an amazing afternoon and all praise and glory goes to the Lord.

2015 will see many changes and God will continue to bless as we live for Him to change the world "one heart at a time". Thank you Bethel pastors and pastors from other churches for standing with us in prayer in 2014 and commissioning us to go out in May. You have made a difference! We appreciate your love and support. Thank you to Chaplain Jim from BCC for organizing the Fall prison visit and for the BCC Superintendent and staff who made it possible. Hope you enjoy the attached photos from that afternoon.
Finally thank you to the members of the Christian Light Riders who ministered side by side and for those who were unable to attend but were faithful in prayer. It takes a team to lay a solid foundation; Jesus is our Rock and He uses the CMA and it's resources to spread His glory throughout the world.
Blessings & love from Bruce Ewanyshyn
President - Christian Light Riders of the CMA

Visit to Rideau Park Personal Care Home year of ministry for the Christian Light Riders is coming to a close as the summer fades. So many amazing stories from Senior Home visits and secular events which have left an impact on all our lives. One more Senior home visit to Hobbs Manor next Saturday and we are done for scheduled events. The last two visits, Hillcrest and Rideau Park had a greater presence of God than any previous visits. A week ago at Rideau Park PCH the first worker I met and was blessed by is strong Believer. She and the activity director asked me to bring my Harley right inside the meeting room - a first in Brandon. The last worship song we sang at the end of the hour was Days of Elijah during which an elderly man at the back of the room got up and began dancing and twirling around the room. When Jim spoke to him afterwards he said he didn't know how he did it because his feet were all messed up and he could barely walk.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Visit to Victoria Landing Retirement Home

Saturday July 19, another warm day in July. CLR members lead by our President Bruce converged at Victoria Landing. Victoria Landing has 148 small apartments with centralized dinning and central home care for retirement living for seniors. Yours truly drives the shuttle bus there several days each month, so I am familiar with a good number of residents there.

 Looks like they had a special events just before we arrived that had all the residents wearing some type of hat. So we just got with the program and joined in. Bruce did wear a hat for a while but gave it up when we started the program.

We did not do an official count, but I think there were about thirty that joined us for our little sing song and message.     As you can see Josh just completed giving me instructions on doing a "Selfie" So here it is for the first time. The picture below is one of the residents,  Mrs Cousens celebrated her 90th birthday recently and came out for a special photo op on Bruce's bike.

Friday, July 18, 2014

No Borders 2014

CMA's 2014 No Borders Rally was held July 9th to 12th in International Falls, MN. 11 members of CLR were able to attend the Rally.  During those 4 days we were ministered to by great Worship and Messages, the Holy Spirit was definitely present throughout the rally.  The Minnesota CMA Worship Team lead us at the start of each session followed by a challenging word from God shared to us by leaders from both Canada and the US.  It was a great time to renew friendships, make new friends, and to be able to strengthen relationships with fellow CLR members.  Throughout the rally we were able to see how God looks after us and knows the plans he has for us.
Praise God for His Love and protection.  We now look forward to the next No Borders Rally which will be held in Canada in 2016.
Here are some of the CLR members at the Saturday morning event.
Some other pictures are available in the library of pictures. Thanks to Grace and Hank for taking them and forwarding them.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

CLR Visit to Fairview Personal Care Home July 2014

As the raging Assiniboine River roars through the City, CLR was at Fairview praising the Lord with our songs and ministry.
20 plus seniors blessed us by joining with us in our praise. President Bruce led the CLR team in a period of song and praise followed with a short message on the Love of our Lord for his children.

After that we went out to the bikes and had a time of socializing with those that were able to come out, Finally it was off to Tastees for some ice cream. Considering the day was very humid and about 30 degrees wonderful bike day.